Hyperlinks can link to anchors (bookmarks) within the same page (using name attribute).
Hyperlinks can link to other web pages in the same website.
Hyperlinks can link to other websites.

Links are coded using the <a> tag.

An anchor within a page is coded like this.

<a name=”top_anchor”>This is an anchor at the top of this page</a>

An anchor has been placed at the bottom of this page as well called “bottom_anchor”
To go to the anchor at the bottom of the page we use the code:

<a href=”#bottom_anchor”>Bottom Anchor<a> and this takes you to the bottom of the page.

NB: Notice that when an anchor is linked to, it will position the line where the anchor is placed at the top of the browser window, as long as there is sufficient content below.

Links to pages within the same site:

You can normally go to any page within the same site using this code as long as the files are in the same folder on the server:

<a href=”page_name.html>Go to Page Name<a>

However to be safe it is sometimes easier particularly when using blog sites like this one to place in the full URL like this:

<a href=”http://www.intovisionwebdesign.com/blog/home”> Blog Home Page <a>

NB: sites that you have coded yourself not attached to a blog may need the file extension as well like this: home.html

Links to pages on an external site:

You can go to any page within another site using this code, making sure you place in the full URL.

<a href=”http://www.miynamhealthcareafrica.com/” target=”_blank”>Miynam Healthcare Africa<a>

To go to a particular page within another site again, making sure you place in the full URL.

<a href=”http://www.miynamhealthcareafrica.com/contact/” target=”_blank”>Miynam Healthcare Africa Contact Page<a>

Make sure you code the TARGET as _blank if you want to open the website in a new browser window.
This is a sure way to loose clients if you do not do this as the default opens the page in the same window, taking your customers mind away from your site.

Bottom Anchor within your page

<a name=”bottom_anchor”>This is the anchor at the bottom of this page</a>
To go back to the top of the page click the Top Anchor Hyperlink Text
NB: This anchor will not be placed at the top of the browser window as there is insufficient content below the anchor.