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       Our mission is to increase opportunities and transform lives of suffering and vulnerable children in Sierra Leone and Cameroon through providing the access to education and normal living standards as well as supplying healthy food, clothes and other essentials. Simultaneously we help to improve the natural environment in the North West of England through recycling and resale of household goods supplying people with essential merchandise at affordable price.


       By 2015 build five orphanages for suffering and unprotected children in Sierra Leone bringing them under the shelter of trained loving carers. By the end of 2010 find child sponsors for 50 vulnerable children in Sierra Leone and by 2015 increase the number of sponsored children in Cameroon and Sierra Leone up to 250. At the same time increase the tonnage of recycled furniture, clothing and other household goods up to 300 tonnes a year improving the natural environment in the North West of England as well as raise additional funds from private and public sponsors. By 2015 increase the supply of healthy food, clothes and other essentials to children in Sierra Leone and Cameroon up to 5,000 kilograms a year.

Our Core Values

•  All children's lives have equal value regardless of where they live and we provide them with the access to the education and normal living standards giving them hope and future opportunities, and improving their lives saving them from poverty and injustices

•  We respect and value everyone who work and help the charity supporting diversity, new ideas and suggestions involving and empowering people to implement our mission

•  We value our sponsors and build strong and friendly long-term relationships regularly informing them about our activities and improved lives of sponsored children via our website and other sources

•  We care about, satisfy and retain our shoppers through providing the high quality service and support supplying them with essential household goods at affordable prices

•  We are responsible for using our resources effectively and efficiently maximising our support for African children through the effective maintenance and improvement of existing funds and raise of additional finances


Did you know that in 2010 we will recycle 250 tonnes of furniture and clothing that would otherwise be simply earmarked for landfill?

Either donate your unwanted goods or simply give some of your time to help others!

Hope Direct is a registered charity (number 1114725) set up to respond to the needs of poorest children and families in developing nations such as Sierra Leone, Africa. As a charity based in Trafford, Manchester Hope Direct also work with refugees, asylum seekers and the local community within Trafford, Manchester by providing a meaningful voluntary occupation and one of the largest selection of furniture to purchase within the Trafford area. 

More than 20 Volunteers will help us this year in our project recycling 250 tonnes.

volunteers working

Volunteers and customers in our shop at 118 Chorlton Road.

volunteers working

The shop is open Monday to Saturday 10 am until 5 pm.

volunteers working

Donate your furniture

Your donations are very valuable to us and all your donations make a huge difference helping us to raise the required funds. Items such as Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Books, CDs & DVDs, Toys, Furniture and Electricals. Everything makes a difference.

Volunteer for our charity

Meet new people, attain new skills, fill up your time and give something back to the community. Volunteer for our charity and help make a difference. We are always looking for retail, porters, drivers, admin and web designers/bloggers.

Latest News

September 06, 2010
News update
Over the past week we have had an average of ten daily house hold donations through to our office, ranging from small items to full house clearances. We've also had many donations bought into our shop and we would like to thank all the people for their kind donations. This in turn benefits the children of Sierra Leone, who are eternally gratetful for your kindness.


The charity has a large turnover of volunteers for work experience purposes. We constantly need to fulfill these job roles to keep the organisation running on minimum costs. We would appreciate any volunteers who would like to gain experience in any of the following areas: Shop assistants, furniture removers, cleaners, secretarial administrators, website designers, SEO administrators, flash animators, image manipulators, sales and advertising. ( Anyone interested gaining experience in website design would benefit greatly from working in on going real world environment. This could coincide with educational training to further benefit your job prospects)


A trainee required to learn under an experienced joiner/carpenter. If you are interested in this role you could be presently on a course of education or thinking about studying. You could benefit from gaining real world experience by volunteering for this position.

Apprenticeships are available in any of the above volunteer roles as you can work for our organisation and gain experience while studying.

August 31, 2010
There will hopefully be two new volunteers, a secretary assistant and a shop assistant joining our team this week. We have been donated three pianos and an organ as well as a huge trampoline! (approximately 13 ft in diameter) which is in a good condition.

August 23, 2010
Hope Direct Charity has currently taken on seven new volunteers who are helping out with the administration and computing aspects of our organisation. We are still currently seeking more volunteers to join our team. We also have shop assistants, drivers, secretary/PA's, furniture removers, floor walkers, antiques appraisers, security and cleaners who are volunteering for us and we are in constant demand for more volunteers in these areas.

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