Our Recycling Initiative!

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Either donate your unwanted goods or simply give some of your time to help others!

Here at Hope Direct Charity we try our utmost to recycle as much as 97% of all donated and collected goods from the Trafford Community. We believe that we have a large impact on the reduction of household furniture waste that would normally be marked for Landfill SItes.

  • Volunteer Anton helping in the shop
  • Volunteer Silvia serving a customer
  • Volunteers delivering goods
  • A few settees from our collection

We have partnerships with many organisations and we are working together to help reduce the amount that enters landfill sites and also long-term reduce the amount of landfill sites there currently are.


We take on your unwanted goods, sell them within our 13 thousand sq ft retail warehouse back to the Trafford Community. We recycle large amounts of Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, Chairs, Wallunits, Drawers and many many other general unwanted furniture.

We believe we are the cheapest and the largest recycling organisation within the Trafford area. If you are an organisation that requires assistance in handling large goods then give us a call and we can work together and reduce landfill site effects on our environment.

I am sure you are aware that the UK produces more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year. In less than two hours, the waste produced would fill the Albert Hall in London. Every eight months it would fill Lake Windermere, the largest and deepest lake in England.

The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year. Put together, this comes to a total of 31 million tonnes per year.

  • We stock Furniture,
  • Clothes & Shoes,
  • Electricals & various other items
  • 13,000 sq of goods

Every year there is about 3% more waste produced then the year before. This might not sound much but, if this was to carry on at this rate, it means that the UK will undoubtedly double the amount of waste it produces every 25 years.
Other countries recycle a lot more than we do in the UK. For example, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany recycle around 60% of their waste. We provide an avenue to join those countries in the battle of waste management facilities. There are so many landfill sites in Manchester alone which is shocking and why add to that?

Hope Direct provide a means of reducing the amount of space taken up by landfill sites on a daily basis. We take furniture from the general public and professional organisations that would normally be placed in a landfill site; we then recycle this back into the community. We have a 13 thousand square foot charity shop which we collect unwanted furniture and sell this back to the Trafford community which would normally be marked for Landfill sites.

In recent studies a land fill site was excavated after being covered and closed 40 years ago, and after this time not even the newspapers amongst the rubbish had decomposed. So by looking at the pictures of our 13 thousand square foot charity shop you can imagine how long it would take to decompose that amount of furniture. We take brick and brack, electrical and both small/large furniture on a daily basis that would normally be marked for landfill.

Here at Hope Direct Charity we pride ourselves on providing such a valuable resource for helping the environment and the community therefore reducing the cost of recycling for our local council. All this should be enough to encourage much more intensive efforts both to recycle, and to finding other ways to deal with our mounting rubbish. Hope Direct would hope for the support of their local council with our efforts to reduce tipping in landfill sites. We truly believe that this is an environmental and human problem, and one which we as a recycling organisation and our local council need to work together on.

Despite the need to save money in some parts of the country, some council’s said they intended to keep investing in waste and recycling efforts despite budgetary restraints due to the looming impact of Landfill Tax.

I recently came across a quote from councillor Andrew Eade:

Outlining the proposal, councillor Andrew Eade, council leader at Telford and Wrekin, said: “Without a major investment in recycling services, costs for waste disposal will continue to rise and at current rates, this could cost council tax payers an extra £400,000 per year.”

And from Steve Read:

“Surely, in the medium to long-term, expanding recycling is the most cost-effective way of avoiding ever-growing landfill costs.” Steve Read, Somerset Waste Partnership.

It is currently seen as a valuable solution that recycling reduces the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites, which produce a quarter of the UK’s emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Methane is a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Recycling reduces the need to consume natural resources and so helps to protect natural wildlife habitats for the future. This also reduces the need for mining, logging and refining materials, all of which create substantial air and water pollution. Hope Direct feel that if the local council supported organisations like us then we can together reduce the greenhouse effect and make a larger impact on tackling this epic the Trafford area faces at the moment. By saving energy and reducing methane emissions, current UK recycling is estimated to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.

A paper  sold for recycling at £10 per tonne is still better than paying an average of £45, including tax, to send it to landfill. Paying £18 to landfill furniture surely is not a positive solution compared to donating it to our charity and allowing us to recycle this back into the community by providing continued support to our local community.

The association, which represents councils in England, said that if the current trend continued, the UK could run out of landfill space in under nine years. So we ask for your support in helping us reduce your costs for landfill by you helping us reduce our running costs in providing a solution to reduce the amount of household waste.

On average Hope Direct sells around 6 suites on a weekly basis alone, which amounts to over 300 annually. This is not including all the beds, wardrobes, drawers, wall units, desks, chairs, tables, clothes, electricals and general household brick and brack that we also recycle back in to the community on a daily basis.

We are working in partnership with other organisations helping to recycle household waste back into the community and I would like to highlight a few:

  • British Heart Foundation, Sale – we recently just moved 12 truckloads of furniture marked for landfill sites by the British Heart Foundation.
  • Shelters, Urmston – We regularly take furniture from this organisation to reduce the impact upon landfill sites. As you can appreciate Shelters only have a 300sq.ft retail outlet so recycling large quantities of furniture is not a possibility so this is where we step in with our 13’000sq.ft retail space and take control of their furniture normally marked for landfill sites.
  • Fahey & Son, Trafford – This organisation offers a furniture removal service and operates a large number of fleet vehicles. The normal procedure would be to landfill this furniture. We take control of this on behalf of Fahey & Son and recycle this back into the community.
  • Zion Centre, Hulme – We regularly take control of unwanted furniture items from this organisation to help reduce the amount of waste that would normally be considered for landfill sites only.
  • YMCA, Trafford – We recently took control of all their furniture and office stationery waste and have recycled this back within the Trafford community.
  • NSPCC, Trafford – We handle on a regular basis the control of unwanted furniture and recycle this back into the community of Trafford.
  • Lighthouse Project, Wythenshawe – We have just cleared van loads of furniture to be recycled back within the Trafford community.

Donate your furniture

Your donations are very valuable to us and all your donations make a huge difference helping us to raise the required funds. Items such as Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Books, CDs & DVDs, Toys, Furniture and Electricals. Everything makes a difference.

Volunteer for our charity

Meet new people, attain new skills, fill up your time and give something back to the community. Volunteer for our charity and help make a difference. We are always looking for retail, porters, drivers, admin and web designers/bloggers.

Latest News

September 06, 2010
News update
Over the past week we have had an average of ten daily house hold donations through to our office, ranging from small items to full house clearances. We've also had many donations bought into our shop and we would like to thank all the people for their kind donations. This in turn benefits the children of Sierra Leone, who are eternally gratetful for your kindness.


The charity has a large turnover of volunteers for work experience purposes. We constantly need to fulfill these job roles to keep the organisation running on minimum costs. We would appreciate any volunteers who would like to gain experience in any of the following areas: Shop assistants, furniture removers, cleaners, secretarial administrators, website designers, SEO administrators, flash animators, image manipulators, sales and advertising. ( Anyone interested gaining experience in website design would benefit greatly from working in on going real world environment. This could coincide with educational training to further benefit your job prospects)


A trainee required to learn under an experienced joiner/carpenter. If you are interested in this role you could be presently on a course of education or thinking about studying. You could benefit from gaining real world experience by volunteering for this position.

Apprenticeships are available in any of the above volunteer roles as you can work for our organisation and gain experience while studying.

August 31, 2010
There will hopefully be two new volunteers, a secretary assistant and a shop assistant joining our team this week. We have been donated three pianos and an organ as well as a huge trampoline! (approximately 13 ft in diameter) which is in a good condition.

August 23, 2010
Hope Direct Charity has currently taken on seven new volunteers who are helping out with the administration and computing aspects of our organisation. We are still currently seeking more volunteers to join our team. We also have shop assistants, drivers, secretary/PA's, furniture removers, floor walkers, antiques appraisers, security and cleaners who are volunteering for us and we are in constant demand for more volunteers in these areas.

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